Sarries Prop Injury

Sarries Prop Injury

Raz 11 Nov 2019 13:58 pm said..

As I can't seem to find any updates on social media, anyone know how the Sarries prop is getting on ?
After what seemed to be an awful injury ?

Wishing him all the best
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Re: Sarries Prop Injury

BomberWells 11 Nov 2019 14:04 pm said..

poor chap is out for the season. Just come up on bbc
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Re: Sarries Prop Injury

Porky 11 Nov 2019 14:09 pm said..

Feel so sorry for this guy. Looked nasty and he has now lost a season. Get well!

This lad is 22 years old so this is a cruel blow. Broken ankles are very serious and I really hope he is able to play again.
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