CVC money

CVC money

ROLLO 18 Sep 2019 16:06 pm said..

I was at Sixways last night and saw where some of the CVC cash has gone.
> Super new floodlights - two W pylons on the west side and the rest off the East Stand roof , a long needed improvement . There is also the ability to spotlight areas on the pitch, change colour etc.,
> Two extra stadium TV screens
> Ribbon lighting accross the South Stand
> Large supporters area behind the North Stand to have tables, umbrellas, food, . drink and entertainment before and after the game. ( It was not said if there would be entertainment during the game !!! :lol: )
> Revamped lounges and decoration of most common areas togther with new LED enegry saving lighting.
I just wondered if Glos have spent any of the cash yet or will it be used towards an acadamy site? Our new owners seem to have wasted little time in making some much needed improvements.
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Re: CVC money

TP17 18 Sep 2019 16:23 pm said..

Hi Rollo, I understand that a large chunk of the CVC money will be put towards a new training facility or upgrading an existing site. The move away from Hartpury was announced by the club a couple of weeks ago and the final choice of location will be announced in the coming months.

I made the trip to Sixways back in April after not visiting for a few seasons, I must say that I was impressed! Great food and atmosphere - just a shame about the result ;) I will certainly be back this season for the Glos game.
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Re: CVC money

MattChelt 19 Sep 2019 07:35 am said..

Remind me how much each club has received - I assume it was an equal split?

If a large chunk of our money is to be used in connection with a new training facility, do we know how much left we will have, and then if the club has made any noises over how this remaining money might be spent?

I thought we had plans for a development on the old car lot site, in the corner between the Shed and the Worcester Street stand? The turnstiles have been moved and improved, but otherwise there is (or was, at end of last season) a large tarmac area outside the stadium (but within the club's ownership) sat doing nothing.

Or maybe they could just put the rest of the money towards a fit-for-purpose PA system, particularly in The Shed. One that preferably doesn't deafen us pre-game, but is then audible once the Shed has filled up..... Or is that too much to hope / ask?
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Re: CVC money

DieTrying 19 Sep 2019 08:02 am said..

I believe it was £20M, but you could leave 10% in a fund for investment I think. Not all Clubs did that though.
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Re: CVC money

ROLLO 19 Sep 2019 08:06 am said..

MattChelt the13 clubs have recieved £13.5 million so far, 10 clubs have put £2 million into a separate fund to help promote the new set up, I don't yet know who those 10 are other than Sarries. I would hope that both Glos and Wuss are in that number as stakeholders to share in further revenue streams when new TV deals are negotiated in 12 months or so.
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