Posting League Championship after Round 2(PLC)

Posting League Championship after Round 2(PLC)

DieTrying 13 Sep 2014 20:40 pm said..

After only two Rounds of the new look Season there's already a gap appearing between the Top 4 JBG's & the rest of the pack.torchy6 has a slender lead of 4 pts over Camel & Castle Grim Reaper who in turn have a 1 pt lead over Lewi7.The chasing pack of JGL's are lead by Oxford Glos,1pt behind, but he holds a lead of 4 pts over the other 18 JGL's so anything can happen, as I can see some keeping their powder dry until after Christmas, saving their fingers until the end of season run-in.More worrying is the battle at the bottom.There are 271 JCL's with not a post between them but it's early days & some will surely get their training sorted & push on. "Last seasons" big hitters GM & RTS2 appear to be struggling with the new "seasons" format, GM having 15pts & RTS2 struggling on 9.I know it's a marathon ,not a sprint but do these two giants of the PLC era need an injection of Cod Liver Oil or some other legal substance to re-invigorate their fingers or has time finally caught up with them & RSI /Arthritis etc means a more relaxed game plan.After to-days win I can see points being gained quickly so will do the Round 3 update after all next weeks games are completed.
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Re: Posting League Championship after Round 2(PLC)

Oxford Glaws 13 Sep 2014 20:43 pm said..

Im my case, anything less than a "Johnny Cash" by Christmas and I will be calling for me to be fired.
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