Team's Up!

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Lebowski 12 Sep 2014 18:24 pm said..

You could always use 'Cipriani'. Just saying.
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Re: Team's Up!

JR 12 Sep 2014 18:25 pm said..

You make the same mistake Mute as most teams, including us in the past. Chopping and changing as soon as results go wrong. If the team the Coaches picked a week ago was right, for goodness sake give it a chance to blend. If they lose tomorrow (which I don't expect them to) I hope they're all picked again for Welsh. I admit, if they lose that, some head scratching will be needed.
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Re: Team's Up!

Yorky 12 Sep 2014 18:40 pm said..

I thought that the problem with Stooke was his fitness. I saw him at the A team game and he looked overweight and a bit slower than last season.

I expect the coaches will have given him a plan and told him he won't play until he is fit.

Will miss tomorrow as I am in Menorca, what idiot booked a holiday at the beginning of the season?

Oh! It was me.
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Re: Team's Up!

Tuffty 12 Sep 2014 18:41 pm said..

I don't care if we win by a point, providing it's a solid and passionate performance that starts this season with a home win.

I still have reservations about where we are and very much feel we are still 'jam tomorrow'.
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Re: Team's Up!

Opportunist 12 Sep 2014 20:40 pm said..

Sale backs look very poor, although if we don't improve our defence they'll still score a few (Leeds managed to). This game will be down to our forwards, which I don't have a lot of confidence in. Whatever happens there's no way that Sale team can beat us as badly as Northampton did. I really hope we can come back and win this one.
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Re: Team's Up!

isambardcat 12 Sep 2014 20:41 pm said..

Going all the way back to
Oxford Glaws wrote:On paper, it should be Glaws by a margin, but we can't expect to turn things round in a week, so I've gone for a 7 point loss on the Superbru prediction thing. Hook v Cipriani should be interesting.

So will their partners, Laidlaw v Cusiter. They should know each other pretty well.
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Re: Team's Up!

Hooky 12 Sep 2014 23:33 pm said..

Think we`ll be ok for tomorrow, but I`m not liking this team. I agree with Healy, Robson is a better 9 than Laidlaw, his service is almost pedestrian at times, its almost like watching someone playing in syrup. Hook isn`t a 10 either, it`s one of the great myths of modern rugby. He was ousted at Ospreys for Biggar, and he was ousted by Camille Lopez at Perpignan. My worry is that this selection will be dragged on and on before the coaches realise the error of their ways. The quicker we find the right team the quicker we can move on. Afoa is a worry also, just hope he has the fire burning still. He flagged badly at Ulster, almost got the impression he was on the wane at times, his best days behind, there was question marks over his attitude there also, a lot of positives has been said about our recruitment, but I`m worried, Laidlaw will never be world class, he`ll always be a plodder, Cussiter is by far the best scrum half in Scotland, but Laidlaw got the nod for his goal kicking. I`m delighted with the coaching set up, let`s hope they can get something extra from this roster of players. Hibbard I`m over the moon with, the one truly world class signing we`ve made. This is a real poor Sale side on paper, it really is time for this pack to show some mongrel now, enough talk and lets show it on the pitch, maybe some just aren`t good enough for Glos, but lets see them die trying.
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Re: Team's Up!

theoptimist 12 Sep 2014 23:36 pm said..

Continuity is a positive although would like to see the changes mentions by many above. Bit of a dilemma for them but am going to trust that the coaches are sure of what they're doing and that we'll get a resounding win!
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Re: Team's Up!

Stroud Wizard 13 Sep 2014 08:33 am said..

Whether one likes it or not all forwards now have to be mobile around the field and when asked to take up a defensive position midfield are expected to tackle well. Must agree that Stooke looks much bigger than last season and wonder whether that is always a good thing. Watched Stooke carefully in one of the pre season matches and he looked rather ponderous when defending around the pitch. That was in complete contrast to Savage who was much more athletic as well as doing his work in the tight. Stooke or someone else may well replace Hudson however. Hudson does have the advantage of being a genuine line out man but has shortcomings in the mauls where he never seems to be adding his full weight and always looks too upright. Neither does he seem to be offering too much in a defensive tackling role. Still early days and let us see what transpires. I am sure that all will be given a chance to show their strengths as the seasons gets under way. It is a pity that we do not seem to have enough line out options in the back row as that can influence who is picked in the second row. As soon as we get a few wins under our belt there may be an opportunity to see some youngsters coming on from the subs bench. Haven't seen enough of Hicks yet but what I have seen looks promising. He of course will need time to develop in such a position and there are probably better options at the moment in such a combative position. I will be looking carefully at the mobility of the forwards in the Sale game today coupled with their tackling count. It has become a key ingredient in the modern game.
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Re: Team's Up!

mrfitz 13 Sep 2014 08:55 am said..

After last season's constant chopping and changing, I'm quite happy to see us try and get our players to gel this season. Last week we played well in the first 20 minutes but when Saints scored they turned the screw and we folded. Will like to see a bit more fight if Sale score and that first 20 minutes for a whole 80. The good news was the scrum went forward and we won scrum penalties against possibly the strongest pack in the Premiership. We should be on top at set pieces so we just need the backs to make gains and Rowan to play a blinder at the breakdown.

The only change I would have made is Stooke for Sav, if he is unfit then fully understand, I was disappointed with Sav at Saints, at times he seemed disinterested and doesn't look like second row for me, he's a 6. When Galarza comes he will walk straight in to that 4 shirt unless Stooke can get himself fit.
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