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Castle Grim Reaper 12 Sep 2014 12:24 pm said..

stevep wrote:If clubs in all sports are being compensated by TV networks are they suffering financially?
Networks need to show all games to recoup there investment from advertising etc.If they do;
do we the fans suffer?If the clubs 'are' financially sound do their employees suffer?IF everybody's
happy should we really worry about crowd sizes?
I thought someone on the old site had actually taken the time to collate crowd sizes between pro and amateur days
and come to the conclusion that there wasn't really that much difference except in midweek games v welsh teams
and we all had cherry glasses on for the good old days.
Maybe a controversial stance what do you think?

In truth there has to be a balance, if they televise all matches the clubs could in theory shut the gates and play behind closed doors. You could put houses where the stands were and save a fortune on stewards ;)
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Re: Crowd sizes

King Prawn Bhuna 12 Sep 2014 13:14 pm said..

covglaws wrote:
King Prawn Bhuna wrote:The reality is come next Friday lunchtime, poet's day and trip up to Oxford will be calling.... then again a poor performance tomorrow and.........

You might find it a bit lonely in Oxford, Martin, we're playing Ex at home next Friday :D

That's the beauty of time travel doc!...Saw this in Long Itch at the weekend....

I'd love to agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong....
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Re: Crowd sizes

Old Spot 12 Sep 2014 13:48 pm said..

GlawsyD wrote:
Now for the Country By Country numbers, based on ALL games (National league, European Comps, and LV= Cup as appropriate

B**f Rugby 12162 98.88% (7.82%)
Exeter Chiefs 9068 84.40% (4.77%)
Gloucester Rugby 13444 81.48% (4.15%)
Harlequins (16659) 12781 86.26% (-1.99%)
Leicester Tigers 22208 92.53% (5.11%)
London Irish (11364) 7946 32.89% (-0.69%)
London Wasps (11017) 5757 54.75% (-5.13%)
Newcastle Falcons 4625 45.34% (N/A)
Northampton Saints 12833 94.42% (1.43%)
Sale Sharks 5377 44.81% (-14.03%)
Saracens (16310) 8166 81.66% (16.49%)
Worcester Warriors 7571 62.96% (-20.03%)

Looking at those figures (I guess the ones covering all comps are the most reflective):

- Worcester had a very poor season reflected in significant reduction
- Sale had a significant reduction, presumably linked the the change of stadium
- Saracens on the other hand seem to have benefitted attendance-wise from the move to Barnet (although the numbers are very likely skewed by some of the Wembley games etc)

The remainder seem to show a general upwards trend or, in a few cases, a small reduction. Nothing of significance that suggests to me that TV is having an adverse impact on attendances though.
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Re: Crowd sizes

PeterD 12 Sep 2014 14:02 pm said..

I assume the game in NZ was an ITM cup game which is probably somewhere between an LV game and the Premiership. They don't have internationals available.
It was probably also played in a stadium that had a reasonable capacity.
Think of the games at the Madstad.

I don't think TV is having that much of an effect on attendances, but it's a double edged sword. Games played on a Friday away from Kingsholm mean I have to take the day off work.
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Re: Crowd sizes

kingsholmmick 12 Sep 2014 14:08 pm said..

well i would like to go down to london welsh with my daughter but as its on bt we will watch at home and save about £80-90 and the hassle of a friday night drive through heavy traffic ... i think its what is called a no brainer ! away fan numbers are bound to suffer if its on tv imho.
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stevep 12 Sep 2014 14:14 pm said..

In truth there has to be a balance, if they televise all matches the clubs could in theory shut the gates and play behind closed doors. You could put houses where the stands were and save a fortune on stewards ;)

My point was more geared towards the fact that if everyone was happy with their part of the sporting experience
now that it is professional(finances,profits,salaries,games seen etc)is it in fact of any importance how big the crowd is?
It was not so long ago that people were complaining about the fact that their teams(name sport) were not on TV and they
had to watch someone else.Some people like the'match day experience'(myself included)some enjoy TV for the instant replay/analysis etc.To each their own entertainment ideal,prior to multi media outlets they did not have these options
it was at the ground or nowt...bigger crowds?..maybe (and maybe only if they were winning)
Another point,in order to maximise available incoming monies are clubs in fact pricing themselves out of maximum crowds?
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Re: Crowd sizes

Gloucester Mute 12 Sep 2014 14:24 pm said..

ITM ranks same as Championship. And bad weather. I wouldn't read too much into it. Will be a sell out for All Black's match.
Nothing wrong with free speech or having an opinion - as long as it matches mine !!
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Re: Crowd sizes

Yorky 12 Sep 2014 18:48 pm said..

The price of tickets to events depends a lot on the demand for them. I don't think that Saracens or Harlequins would get 70000+ if they charged full price.

Teams like Man U can charge what they like because they know they will sell them.

My ticket for the Lon Welsh game was £13.00 which was a nice surprise.
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