Crowd sizes

Crowd sizes

Dadofvik 12 Sep 2014 07:38 am said..

Just seen a bit of New Zealand cup match, and the ground looks empty. Have also seen some League matches from this country, and, again, the grounds do not look very busy. Is this a phenomenon, or is the viewing of live sport becoming less fashionable with so much on TV, or are prices now too high for the average punter? Even with their price hikes, though, I see that Exeter have sold out for several games, and other games looked very well supported (Northampton, the halfway mark in the Twickenham 2header). Perhaps this is a rugby Union thing in this country?
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Re: Crowd sizes

RogerofSals 12 Sep 2014 07:41 am said..

TBH, the total cost of a game, ticket, travel etc is very high cf TV sub. I suspect this is having an effect.
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Re: Crowd sizes

King Prawn Bhuna 12 Sep 2014 07:58 am said..

Have no opinion on the NZ game, but personally I think there is too much live rugby on tv which generally starts to devalue the cost of a ticket although Grade A games will always sell out (Northampton £37 to stand and still a full house)

I'm questioning whether to go to London Welsh game on a Friday night as I can watch it in a local boozer almost anywhere in the country. If I could have watched last weeks game in a pub in Coventry (big game for the Sky Blues put a stop to that!) I probably wouldn't have gone...

Whilst I appreciate the profile that BT Sport are giving rugby, I do worry that we are being saturated with 3 live matches almost every weekend. It hit attendances in Welsh rugby and convinced it will do the same here.

The reality is come next Friday lunchtime, poet's day and trip up to Oxford will be calling.... then again a poor performance tomorrow and.........
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Prestbury 12 Sep 2014 08:06 am said..

NZ prices used to be very reasonable, we were there a few years ago and watched Super 14 games at Eden Park and Christchurch for about £15 each, in good seats :ugeek: .
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Re: Crowd sizes

Old Spot 12 Sep 2014 08:11 am said..

Its an interesting debate.

If you look at football attendances when Sky first got involved and started showing a lot more live football than had previously been the case, I don't think attendances suffered at the grounds. But the profile of the Premier Leage and the quality of players playing (due to the additional money) was significantly improved.

There is obviously a lot less demand for rugby tickets though, with many grounds not being sold out even for big games. There is obviously the risk that the quantity of rugby on TV means that some will decide to stay at home rather than go to watch live . But I guess the hope would be that the additional TV coverage results in a more people becoming interested in the sport and deciding to go along and watch live.

I don't think Gloucester's attendances have been adversely affected by the additional TV coverage (i.e. the appear not to have dropped off). Obviously some people will have decided to stay at home and watch on TV, but this appears to have been offset.
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Re: Crowd sizes

Still Realistic 12 Sep 2014 08:30 am said..

It is not just a rugby union issue but one for most live sports (see Boycott on crowds at Test cricket ) The bottom line is that ticket prices are too high across the board. There has been a big movement towards justifying prices with "the match day experience" and other peripheral entertaiment but call me old fashioned I actually go to watch the sport!

Sport getting blanket coverage on TV is not going to go away and sports have to react if they want to maintain and/or boost crowds. There will always be exceptions of course ( Tiggers, Top football sides) but I have always believed clubs would be better at or near capacity at a lower price than beig half or two thirds full at a higher one.

And I haven't even mentioned the economic climate!

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Re: Crowd sizes

GlawsyD 12 Sep 2014 10:44 am said..

Last weeks figures were:

Saints - Glos 13474
Sale - Bath 5353
Tiggers - Falcons 22639
L Welsh - Exeter 2776

Sarries - Wasps)
) 66164
Irish - Quins )

Average for last season

Where two figures are shown against a team, the figure in (Brackets) is for all games, and the figure not in Brackets is for games played at the normal "Home" ground. Percentages are shown for percentage of the Standard home stadium. A percentage figure in (Brackets). That shows the change from the previous season.

Bath Rugby 11900 96.75% (3.12%)
Exeter Chiefs 8985 83.63% (6.12%)
Gloucester Rugby 14015 84.94% (-0.13%)
Harlequins (18842) 13244 89.39% (-3.50%)
Leicester Tigers 22852 95.22% (6.09%)
London Irish (14096) 9242 38.25% (-0.95%)
London Wasps (13896) 5769 54.86% (-8.42%)
Newcastle Falcons 5352 52.47% (N/A)
Northampton Saints 13133 96.63% (2.71%)
Sale Sharks 6350 52.92% (-7.84%)
Saracens (14971) 8706 87.06% (26.68%)
Worcester Warriors 8066 67.08% (-10.32%)

Now for the Country By Country numbers, based on ALL games (National league, European Comps, and LV= Cup as appropriate

Bath Rugby 12162 98.88% (7.82%)
Exeter Chiefs 9068 84.40% (4.77%)
Gloucester Rugby 13444 81.48% (4.15%)
Harlequins (16659) 12781 86.26% (-1.99%)
Leicester Tigers 22208 92.53% (5.11%)
London Irish (11364) 7946 32.89% (-0.69%)
London Wasps (11017) 5757 54.75% (-5.13%)
Newcastle Falcons 4625 45.34% (N/A)
Northampton Saints 12833 94.42% (1.43%)
Sale Sharks 5377 44.81% (-14.03%)
Saracens (16310) 8166 81.66% (16.49%)
Worcester Warriors 7571 62.96% (-20.03%)
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Re: Crowd sizes

Dadofvik 12 Sep 2014 10:49 am said..

Perhaps I should have said that game in NZ was in the rain (it was hissing down) doesn't help. Same for the last two games in their cup series I have seen.
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Re: Crowd sizes

stevep 12 Sep 2014 11:11 am said..

If clubs in all sports are being compensated by TV networks are they suffering financially?
Networks need to show all games to recoup there investment from advertising etc.If they do;
do we the fans suffer?If the clubs 'are' financially sound do their employees suffer?IF everybody's
happy should we really worry about crowd sizes?
I thought someone on the old site had actually taken the time to collate crowd sizes between pro and amateur days
and come to the conclusion that there wasn't really that much difference except in midweek games v welsh teams
and we all had cherry glasses on for the good old days.
Maybe a controversial stance what do you think?
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Re: Crowd sizes

covglaws 12 Sep 2014 11:34 am said..

King Prawn Bhuna wrote:The reality is come next Friday lunchtime, poet's day and trip up to Oxford will be calling.... then again a poor performance tomorrow and.........

You might find it a bit lonely in Oxford, Martin, we're playing Ex at home next Friday :D
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