I Want A Win

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I Want A Win

23 Feb 2021 15:09 pm:

I want a win.
Any sort of win.
If we can just be in front
When the final whistle blows,
Count me in.

I need a win.
A blessed win.
I would take it by one point,
Or a blissful forty-three.
Is that a sin?

I require a win,
A soothing win.
Snatch victory from the jaws...
Clock well into the red.
Celebrations begin.

I crave a win.
A crazy win.
A mad bounce in our favour.
Get out of jail free.
A drop-goal off a shin.

Just give me a win.
An undeserved win.
A refereeing howler,
Cameras unsighted..
A sheepish grin.

Next week a win,
At last, a win!
All will be forgiven
Lift off from the bottom.
Relief therein.

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Re: I Want A Win

23 Feb 2021 16:49 pm:

Never Stay Down.
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Re: I Want A Win

23 Feb 2021 17:22 pm:

We need two :D ( hope that's not being greedy or a pipe dream ) Excellent as ever ALT
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Re: I Want A Win

23 Feb 2021 18:22 pm:

Excellent as usual.
Regards Weeman
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Re: I Want A Win

24 Feb 2021 13:12 pm:

Our current feelings accurately voiced I think !
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Re: I Want A Win

24 Feb 2021 13:59 pm:

I don't suppose a 'Wynne' would suffice?
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Re: I Want A Win

24 Feb 2021 22:29 pm:

'A drop goal off a shin '

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Re: I Want A Win

24 Feb 2021 22:31 pm:

A la Elton Moncrieff. :D
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Re: I Want A Win

24 Feb 2021 23:04 pm:

madders wrote:A la Elton Moncrieff. :D

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Re: I Want A Win

25 Feb 2021 07:24 am:

Excellent, what a boost for all of us.

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